Deri loves nothing more than to share his passion for leadership and strategy with wider audiences. Deri will ensure that attendees are given the support and understanding to tackle this business critical activity with confidence. Come and see how to bring strategy alive and learn that execution is everyday not a once a year exercise!

You will learn a powerful process of strategic planning and execution used by some of the best and fastest growing companies in the world. This is leading edge thought is designed specifically to have massive impact, driving bottom line results. Find out how to bring strategy alive and execute every day, not just once a year.

By the end of the session it’s envisaged that you will:

• Be able to distil the business strategy onto a single A4 page.
• Align everyone to the vision, values and purpose.
• Bring the strategy alive by making it simple, engaging and memorable
and creating legends every day.

When and Where?

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He got me thinking about our own strategy in the separate areas and to focus on talent management.

He made me look at strategy in a different way that brings long-term / values stuff right down to activity level.

I particularly loved the example of what it looks like when filled out, so that I know I’m doing it right.

He just made me think of it again.

He focused on purpose and broke it down brilliantly to fit conventional structure with 2016 thinking.