Stickier Marketing Update

It is not business as usual. We are living through a communication revolution that is moving extremely fast. With an ever increasing number of businesses blogging, using social media and producing content, it is the companies that stay ahead, and understand how to utilise the new world of communications, that will be successful in such a highly competitive environment.

In this session we will explore:

  • How the socialisation of information is changing the way a company communicates its message
  • How the way people relate to brands has altered and the affect this has on your business
  • How the World Wide Web is going social. Understanding ‘The Social Web’ and what that means for a company’s marketing strategy
  • The new rules that companies must adopt to ensure their marketing is effective
  • How value creation is being altered, as digital and the web are changing the way both businesses and individuals buy
  • Why, due to the ubiquity of mobile devices, businesses must change their method of communications, and how
  • Why, creating content is no longer enough – How to drive strategies for creating the RIGHT content

The session will provide the latest cutting edge thinking around Marketing. In so doing, it will invigorate attendees with fresh ideas and approaches that can be used in their own companies. It will enable participants to introduce colleagues to new tools and techniques that will have a significant impact on their bottom line.

When and Where?

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Feedback on this session from previous meetings

Thought you’d be interested to know that Grant came and facilitated a day’s strategy workshop yesterday for myself and my management team. It was awesome and wonderful to see the team getting as much out of it as me. If it wasn’t for MD2MD, I wouldn’t be having these sorts of sessions and benefiting from the results. Thank You!

Grant really knew the topic of discussion, shown by giving relevant examples rather than generalisations.

He focused on his message and worked completely through the board of issues that were asked to be addressed.

It was overall a well-delivered presentation with good examples and clear takeaways.

He reminded participants the truth about still living in the past as far as marketing is concerned.

Grant’s session made me take a step back and think about the bigger picture.

He made me re-evaluate my marketing approach

He showed humourous, sharp and insightful ideas.

The whole topic was very helpful, strong and application-focused.  The emphasis on why to use social media was very interesting.

He explained input and mechanism of social media platforms on Marketing and Strategy. He made me feel demystified why Facebook is important for business.

He defined the social sharing strategy further. Have a clear insight into marketing through social media.

Grant made the content relevant to the audience.

He reinforced and developed knowledge provided excellent ideas!

I liked the examples / methodology linking the theory into practical.

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