This workshop is built around the first rule of business – “look after your most important customers before someone else does!” Key account management, and the way that Members develop the 20% of customers that often give them 80% of the business, is particularly relevant and important today:

  • There is little organic growth available in the marketplace, so competitors are forced to attack Members’ customers – now is the time to defend and protect them
  •  In today’s financial climate, compelling “no-brainer” business propositions are needed – Members need to be seen as value-creators, not cost-creators.


  • To help Members stand out from their competitors rather than stand up to them
  • To improve Members’ profitability by improving their key accounts’ profitability
  • To provide a key account management “health-check” to help Members identify exactly “where they are starting from” and where they would like to be. It is very difficult to make improvements unless you know where you are starting from!”

When and Where?


Phil provided real world examples and supplied useful templates.

I particularly liked the document handouts and plans.

He was able to introduce a number of good tools to use.

Phil identified the importance and value of KAM.

It was good he gave handouts because it made the presentation easier to follow. He did get me thinking about key account business.

He introduced and explained the key performance indicators.

More about the speaker

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