In Business You Don’t Get What You Deserve – You Get What You Negotiate

Sharpen Your Negotiation Skills and Get More of What You Want

“Simon Hazeldine’s ‘Bare Knuckle Negotiating’ contains powerful, practical and solid advice.”

Duncan Bannatyne, From BBC TV’s “Dragon’s Den

Simon Hazeldine will take you on an action packed journey  through the negotiation process and along the way you will learn:

  • An effective five stage negotiating process that will empower you to reduce your costs and increase your profits
  • The essential “LIM” model that will help you to get what you want
  • The 2 main negotiating styles and when to use them
  • How to deal with Power Ploys
  • The behavioural profile of an exceptional negotiator – how does your negotiation behaviour compare?
  • How to give a little and gain a lot!
  • The magic negotiation formula that will get you a better deal
  • How to motivate the other party to deliver their end of the bargain
  • Why you should never ‘meet me halfway’

When and Where?

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The personal scenarios given were very appropriate.

Introducing the negotiation planning tool was a great part of the session.

The negotiation planner was interestingly brought up.

He made me realise that I may not be the most appropriate person to field.

Simon provided templates for planning a negotiation.

He was able to give good level of information – useful tools to use.

He engaged well with the audience.

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