MD2MD values diversity

Our groups are successful partly because of the diversity of views, experiences, and situations of the people in them.

We all share the common ground of responsibility for leading a an organisation but we mix different sectors, ownership structures and geographies and we include members who are personally early in their careers and in the middle of their careers with those looking to exit or retire. Likewise we blend pre revenue businesses with those just past start-up with those in steady profitable growth and those being passed on to new owners in the family or outside.

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The value is in the alternative perspective

Despite the above MD2MD membership reflects too strongly the dominance of aging white middle class males running profit focused businesses. That is itself not right. And on top of that our members need help to understand the perspective of people not like us … Because we deal with them every day as employees, as customers and suppliers, and in the wider community.

Therefore … to ensure that everyone gains from diversity, we want to encourage a diverse membership. So in addition to trying to ensure we break down unconscious barriers to membership when we see them, we have a bursary available for the people who add diversity to our membership.

Read more about the bursary scheme here.