How to be more creative and innovative – It’s more systematic and more valuable than you think

A passion for creativity and innovation, and a pursuit of the perfect culture, provide a common thread throughout David’s career to date. We are all inherently good at generating useful ideas – but there are occasions when we need to think differently, to introduce novelty into our problem solving, and we all find this inherently difficult.

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and yet the mental models that we use for decision making are based upon experiences in the past. Such models are therefore increasingly outdated, and we need to find new ways of thinking to maintain a competitive advantage. However, simply acknowledging a need to “think differently” is only part of the story – and the real challenge is to assist all staff to understand the things that anchor our behaviours to these outdated models of reality.

David’s workshop will challenge members to break free of traditional thinking that traps them within the world of “more of the same” and show them the strategic benefits of adopting creative thinking within the culture of their business,  an understanding of the blockages that operate within the mind of all individuals that effectively block creativity and  a practical and systematic approach to introduce creativity into the culture of their business.

Disruptive innovation creates new market and value networks and eventually disrupts them, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances. It’s a key source of strategic advantage for firms that are fleet of foot and a danger for competitors that struggle to respond quickly to change. Case studies abound from the impact of the Apple iPod on the Sony Walkman, Digital cameras on Kodak film to the current challengers of Uber who are disrupting more than taxi drivers and Airbnb who rent out more rooms than all other hotel companies.

Comments from members on this workshop:

      • David gave great real examples to support his presentation.
      • Terrific energy, made it fun and stimulating also.
      • David made me think about how to change from just gathering useful look at problems to be more creative with novel ideas.
      • He described the blockers to creativity.
      • The “working backwards” tips has already given me an insight to a problem I have and I wasn’t even the problem “setter”!
      • Kept it fast moving and energetic, kept interest throughout the session.
      • I liked the ideas about forums to achieve creativity.
      • He highlighted the need to think differently.
      • Excellent practical tips and helpful examples of techniques with a clear explanation of concepts.