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What we do.

MD2MD is a community of international business leaders, like minded in their willingness to invest in the development of their leadership skills and competencies.

We facilitate structured opportunities, both online and in person, to discuss and resolve leadership challenges, in confidence, with other operational leaders like you.

We also present valuable business insights through regular speaker led workshops and webinars, led by international standard, professional speakers.

Our members learn from the successes (and mistakes) of their peers and in return, they learn from you.

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The value to you and your business

Membership puts you at the heart of an international community of business leaders, enabling you to benefit from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences from different industries and geographies to your own, which you can take and implement back into your business.

MD2MD is about investing in yourself to be an even better leader. By participating in our full range of meetings you will develop even greater confidence and competence from the valuable insights of other business leaders like you.

If your membership enables a series of 1% improvements, or you make a specific strategic choice that ensures the business is in the right place at the right time, then you will get a significant return on your investment.

The value to you
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Our members

Our members are typically a Managing Director, Chief Executive or similar and are likely to lead an organisation of tens to hundreds of staff.

They recognise however ambitious they are, they do not have all the answers all of the time.  When wrestling with the challenges of leadership, like making the big strategic decisions, they might have even found it can be lonely at the top and would have enjoyed input of other leaders like them.

So for you, a business leader, our members are a diverse range of leaders who embrace the ethos of community and will empathise with your business challenges. They will help you find solutions and inspire you to be an even better leader, in return for you doing the same for them!

Our members
Thank you to MD2MD for support, inspiration and ideas that we've picked up along the way and have helped contribute to the fantastic environment we have tried to build (and will always strive to improve!) Allan Wilson
The support and advice from the MD2MD team and peer group has been invaluable to the Practice, allowing us to continue improving and modernising the working environment at GSS. Ian Bray
Joining MD2MD was definitely a wise business decision; it’s provided me with a network of peers to discuss ideas with and to learn from which in turn has increased my effectiveness as an MD. Nicky Applegarth
MD2MD gave me the support, confidence and insight to manage through difficult times such as lock down, and our exciting merger. I would highly recommend it to other Managing Directors. Thank you MD2MD. Justin Mumford
My experience with MD2MD has been extremely helpful in many ways and even more so with the changing business environment this year. I have made many new helpful relationships with all kinds of MD's. Rick Lorenzo
Being a member is not just about the regular meetings. MD2MD has become an essential part of my business life - helping me focus on improving actions and sharing ideas. Martin Hook

Would you like to see more testimonials?

Visit our testimonials page which has both video and written testimonials describing the value MD2MD membership delivers.

Trial membership

Accelerate your leadership

If you think MD2MD sounds like a good fit for you right now then we want to help show you the value of being a member.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to trial the product before you make a final decision. As long as you meet the criteria, we would like to extend the opportunity of attending a guest trial meeting with our compliments.

The guest trial meeting is delivered on-line over 90 minutes and replicates the same format as the leadership peer groups we run for our members. Its an opportunity for you to experience at first hand the power of peer group discussions.

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Community ethos

MD2MD members believe that great businesses are a force for good in the world and great leadership benefits the world. The greater the business the more lives are improved and more of the wider needs of the world are addressed.



To help you decide if becoming a member of the MD2MD community is the right thing for you we have addressed a lot of the main questions we think you may be asking but if there is anything we have not been able to answer then please contact us via the enquiry form and we will get back to you.


Membership plans

MD2MD offer four membership plans. Choose the plan that best meets your needs and those of your business today. There is more detail of what services are included each plan below.