MD2MD support for business leaders in sectors hit badly by Covid. Including Hospitality, Events and Tourism

Covid has been devastating for some people, awful for others, an inconvenience for many and quite manageable for a few.

Likewise, for some businesses it’s been a bonus and/or an opportunity. Sadly, some of the less strong and more badly hit businesses have failed. And there are many in the middle – Surviving but not thriving. Just about staying alive and desperately wanting to get back to revenues, profits and growth.

MD2MD wants to support the leaders of those businesses at a time when the ability for business leaders to develop their thinking with their peers is more valuable than ever. No MBA, no business training, no leadership development has trained us on how to deal with a pandemic. Never mind one where the dynamic and the decisions change regularly.

We are pleased to sponsor the membership of business leaders who would, in normal circumstances join MD2MD but who have faced a revenue shortfall of 75% or more. for example, businesses where the income is currently less than 25% of normal. Typically we suspect businesses in the hospitality, tourism and events sectors.

To those people we say: “if you will commit, in principle, to paying our normal subscription from 1st September 2021, we will sponsor membership until then.”

To be clear, we know the situation remains uncertain and we are not asking for a legal commitment. MD2MD members have integrity and we trust members to play fair with us and their fellow members. No one is ever tied to an MD2MD membership anyway because we only want as members people who value membership and want to participate.