Cost competitive leadership development

MD2MD is actually priced very competitively. There is no better or more economic opportunity to see top national and international speakers. The top business schools and the best leadership and management training providers also offer national experts. The typical cost of an MBA is today is between £50,000 and £75,000 (click the image to check) and business schools typically charge about £1000 per day. Our fees vary depending upon the package you choose but are more like half that.

The key challenge to consider is that if you are like most business leaders, your time is your most precious, and scarce, asset. So it is wise to consider what makes the most effective use of your development time. And whether learning with other real business leaders and in workshops with top national level specialist practitioner speakers is a better choice than cheap networking events where you’re inundated with people who just want to sell to you.

So, whilst there are lower cost alternatives, our members recognise that it is the return on your time that is most important and that you will get the greatest return on the time you invest by joining MD2MD.

Assess the value of MD2MD for yourself

There are of course always cheaper options. Whilst these don’t typically offer the same depth of peer relationships or the same quality of speakers, they may suit you if you are looking for a lower level of input for a lower budget. We would particularly recommend the regional breakfast and evening meetings of the Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of Directors.

Similarly, whilst we are cautious about the effect of government subsidy, there are usually a variety of government business growth services that offer opportunities for learning at nil or minimal cost. Again though, these won’t generally offer you the same depth of peer relationships or the same quality of speakers.