Does MD2MD add to business value?

MD2MD adds value by building the confidence, competence and motivation of its business leader members. Those leaders add value by building more successful businesses.

The value of leadership is intuitively obvious – we all know how a business performs orders of magnitude better when the staff believe in the purpose of the business and are enthusiastic to contribute to its success.

The ability to identify a motivating purpose and inspire enthusiasm amongst followers is really
what defines a leader. So being a competent, confident and motivated leader is key to business success.

MD2MD members become more competent by attending MD2MD meetings

  • Spending a day each month thinking about and developing their leadership ability is something
    many leaders don’t find the time to do
  • Learning from the other real world leaders with a range of personalities, from a range of sectors
    and from a range of backgrounds provides a very broad and practical insight
  • Learning from top experts provokes new thoughts and ideas for developing the business
    strategically and/or motivates new behaviours and actions that produce better results.

MD2MD members are more motivated to tackle the challenges of being a business leader

  • understanding you’re not the only person still learning about  how to be a great leader
  • realising other members also sometimes feel challenged by being a leader is a boost
  • Knowing other members are there and willing to help is encouraging

MD2MD members gain confidence through being part of the MD2MD community.

  • The ability to check out thoughts on critical decisions with sensible real people either through
    the formal session or offline means you can be more sure that your decision is right – or at least
    well thought through.

All of the above is in line with the reality of business today. Product and service quality are a baseline necessity of any business and all suppliers must deliver both to survive. The differentiator today is Experience. How it feels to receive that product or service from this supplier. The quality of the experience is what differentiates MD2MD.