The business case for joining MD2MD

Whilst members do get identifiable, measurable and tangible benefits from membership those benefits are, we believe, side benefits.

They are an adjunct to our core purpose:

To improve the success of your business by enhancing leadership confidence, competence and motivation

The benefits derived from us delivering our core purpose are not directly provable. Just how do you show that you being more confident led to higher staff motivation or that the discussion you had at our meeting led to you making a better decision more quickly and because you’d discussed it in detail with a common sense group of peers you’d implemented it more effectively.

In reality, members say they get value many many times over.  Most of our members have dozens or hundreds of staff and make decisions worth £10,000s, £100,000s and sometimes £1,000,000s. Getting one such decision right, making it more quickly or implementing it better as a result of a discussion or an insight from meetings will pay for membership for years.

Ultimately though the decision to join has to be a judgement. But not one without any evidence. From members, and to the extent that it can be researched, from business school studies of the value of leadership – You can download some such evidence by clicking this paragraph.