Bob Bradley

MD2MD provides a range of meetings, events and other services to help the business leader and their business succeed.

MD2MD was founded in 2004 by Bob Bradley.

Bob is a specialist in running high value added service businesses, having run five such businesses as General Manager, Managing Director or Chief Executive.

His last employed role was as Chief Executive of a £16M, 200 person family owned business having previously been Chief Executive of an AIM listed company for which he raised £5M funding and which he grew from £4M to £12M in three years through two acquisitions and organic growth, and a corporate PLC subsidiary where he was Managing Director responsible for delivering £10M profit on £45M turnover through 450 staff.

Bob is now following a portfolio career providing entrepreneurial business leaders with mentoring and coaching around business leadership, business growth, merger integration and exit planning. He can can provide services personalised to your needs as a Business or Business Leader as a Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Advisor, Consultant or rarely as a Non Executive Director.

Read his explanation of the differences between those roles here.

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Bob’s approach

Bob offers a premium service exclusively for operational business leaders – those with 10s or 100s of staff to lead.  His approach is to blend coaching and mentoring. He doesn’t ‘hold to account’  as he says:

“My clients are senior people who are already pretty accountable to others and more importantly to themselves. You don’t get to be a business leader without challenging yourself to deliver results. They are though, whether they admit it or not, mere mortals, so I do encourage, support and indeed where necessary challenge them to the best of my ability.  That’s my value add.  To encourage, support and challenge.  To inform, educate and inspire.  To prod, poke and provoke them. My goal is to get them to move forward in the best way possible. But I can’t force them to do anything.  My role is to simply to help them to develop, to deliver and to be the best they can possibly be.”

Unless there is a specific or complex short term challenge like a workshop, a restructuring, an acquisition, a merger or a disposal, we recommend coaching and mentoring through 5-8 meetings a year.  That interval seems to work well for normal business operation. Often enough to stay in touch. Occasional enough that there is time to take actions forward.

All of Bob’s work is underpinned by two key commitments:

  • Guarantee of satisfaction.  If a client is not happy that a meeting delivered value and lets us know within a week, the fee will be credited or a replacement session offered.
  • Reassurance in a crisis. Bob always endeavours to provide retained clients with the additional support of ‘being there when needed’. If a client is facing a crisis, he will endeavour to be there to support. Obviously he may not always be available immediately but will always do what he can to respond quickly to an urgent request. And the clock doesn’t start running immediately either – There is no additional fee for the occasional brief (5-10 mins) chat or message.