Business leader membership

This plan is for you if your primary focus is to raise your own game as a business leader through speaker workshops and webinars, and through developing your thinking through discussions with your fellow members.

Business Leader membership

With this plan you, the business leader, gain access to a range of online speaker-led workshops, webinars and briefings as well as meetings to share insights with fellow members on topical issues and with others who share a specific special interest.  You also get a place at both of our annual in-person events: LeaderFest – our annual conference for all members, and our members’ Retreat to Advance – a chance to develop and refine your medium term plans with the help of your fellow members.

You, the business leader, also gain the opportunity to join one of our highly valued online Leadership challenge board discussion groups. Through regular private meetings of your group you get to know and work with a small group of fellow members who provide independent advice, challenge and support to each other on real practical leadership challenges.

Your fellow members become almost like a board of non-executive directors but without the formality and legal baggage.  Their only responsibility is to give you their honest input in exchange for you reciprocating for them.  Sometimes they become friends too!

Membership of these groups is optional as joining a group requires you to commit to attend regularly (every 6 weeks) as the value of these meetings results from members being present to support and challenge each other.

If as a business leader you are looking to develop your wider leadership team you might be interested in reading more about our Leadership team online membership plan or our Leadership team blended membership plan.

Services included within your business leader membership plan

Below are the services included within this specific packages. With this package are only for you the member.

If you are also interested in the development of your leadership team we also offer Leadership team packages, either online or blended.

Leaders challenge board

These are online every 6 weeks. These meetings are closed and confidential so only for the member to attend.

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Speaker workshop

Speaker workshops are held online. The member has one place every month. Additional, regular or one off places can be purchased for you or your leadership team

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Speaker webinars

Speaker webinars are delivered online. Your package has unlimited places for the member.

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Sponsored briefings

Sponsored speaker briefings are delivered online and your package offers unlimited places for the member.

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Trending topics

Trending topics are delivered online and your package offers unlimited places for you as a member.

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Special interest groups

Special interest groups are delivered online and your package offers unlimited places for you as a member.

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LeaderFest is an annual in-person conference. Each member receives one place to attend. Additional places can be purchased for members of your leadership team.

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Retreat to Advance

Each member is offered an opportunity to attend at an additional fee to cover the cost of dinner and overnight accommodation.

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Free your time and scale your business by developing your team

The biggest and most important long term challenge for most business leaders is developing their team.  We therefore recommend you choose the “Leadership team Online” or “Leadership team Blended” membership plan.  These plans allow you to involve members of your senior leadership team in developing themselves and their thinking alongside you.

“Those that plan the fight don’t fight the plan”

Not the package for you?

This business leader plan does not include any places for your leadership team or any in-person group meetings. If you you can see how developing your leadership team will help you raise your own game you may wish to consider our Leadership team (online) or Leadership team (blended) plans which enable them to attend most meetings alongside you.  The Leadership team (blended) plan is particularly relevant if you value face to face meetings and social interaction with fellow leaders.

We only want you as a member if you are committed to raising your leadership game through being a member of MD2MD.  Consequently membership is always at will.  Whilst we would prefer you give us, and your fellow members, notice and exit gracefully, you can leave at any time without notice.

Likewise you are never tied to your current plan.  You can move to an alternative option at any time if that better suits your needs, again preferably with notice so the relationship with fellow members is sustained, but that is your choice.

If you would like to discuss changing your membership plan please contact us via email: or phone 01865 582 532.