Blended membership

This premium plan is for you if you value the increased effectiveness of face to face meetings with your goal to raise your game as a business leader and develop your team so that you can take on more and bigger challenges… Or retire!

MD2MD in-person meetings

Blended plan – £795 p/m

MD2MD In-person meeting

With this plan you and your immediate leadership team gain all the benefits of the online membership plan and also quarterly face to face meetings with the opportunity for you, the business leader, to interact socially with fellow leaders the afternoon and evening before the meeting.

The face to face meetings themselves comprise:

  • in the morning:
    • A speaker led workshop open to the business leader and two relevant members of their senior management team
  • in the afternoon:
    • A confidential leadership challenge board discussion open to business leaders members only
    • A confidential challenge board discussion for the immediate leadership team

This membership plan also includes 3 (if booked) places for the business leader member and/or their immediate senior management team at our annual conference LeaderFest.

With this plan you, the business leader, gain access to:

… and you and your immediate senior management team gain access to:

MD2MD event location Whittlebury Hall

A chance to really get to know your fellow leaders

The quarterly in-person events usually take place in a country hotel an hour north of London.

MD2MD endeavours to arrange with the hotel for you to be able to attend after lunch the day before the meeting for a round of golf or to use the spa facilities, followed by social private dining with fellow members and a comfortable night’s sleep.

The following morning, you can then welcome your team to join the morning speaker session and lunch, before you join the afternoon’s confidential leadership challenge board and your team join the senior team confidential challenge board.

Key features of the In-person event:


A chance to have informal discussions with other blended members the evening before providing an opportunity to increase your connections and strengthening your bond with the MD2MD community.

Speaker workshop

An interactive, in depth workshop, run across a full morning incorporating all the blended members is designed to provoke new thinking and motivate action. With a range of topics that will leave you with valuable actions for yourself and your senior team.

Leadership challenge board

This afternoon session splits members into splinter groups for a strictly confidential opportunity to discuss leadership challenges with your peers. As the members are segmented into different groups each meeting, you benefit from the full breadth and diversity of the MD2MD community.

Senior team challenge board

Your team are invited to join a senior team challenge board to share, discuss and resolve business challenges while developing their own leadership skills with fresh perspectives and valuable insights.

MD2MD Blended membership

Being a member

Our community of leaders relies heavily on you being invested along side your peers and being committed to raising your own leadership as well as helping your peers do the same. Consequently membership is always at will. Whilst we would prefer you give us, and your fellow members, notice and exit gracefully, you can leave at any time without notice.

Likewise you are never tied to your current plan. If you feel you are not able to gain the required value from the In-person events then you might be interested in our Online only plan.

If you would like to discuss changing your membership plan in any way, please contact us via email: or phone 01865 582 532