Speaker-led workshop - information page

All the information you need to get the best out of the workshop

Joining the meeting

Please click on the link in the calendar invite to enter the waiting room for the Zoom meeting.

If you have any difficulties with access on the day please contact: Email meetings@MD2MD.co.uk or call +44 1865 600 800.


This is a workshop, not a webinar or recorded training so you are encouraged to participate. That said, the time is limited so our goal is to cover a key leadership or business topic at a high level, inspire new insights and provoke you to act on them. Our objective is not to provide detailed training or to fully bottom out the application of the ideas to your organisation. We therefore recommend you plan follow up time to review and reflect on the learning, share and debate thoughts with colleagues and decide how best to take forward the insights to realise value in your own organisation. We also encourage you to engage with fellow MD2MD members you meet in this and other meetings. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to support you in taking forward the insights and driving the success of your business.

Joining on time

Please click on the meeting link provided 10 minutes before the meeting start to join the meeting. We will open two minutes before the meeting start time, and will start promptly. We open the room promptly so everyone can do introductions together. To avoid interrupting proceedings, we will close the meeting soon after. If you anticipate that you will be late, please contact us so that we can clear this with the speaker and keep the room open.

Check your Zoom profile

In order to prevent access to meetings by ‘unwanted guests’, we check the names of entrants before admission while they are in the Waiting room. Please use your personal name as that enables all participants to refer to you correctly. If you have space and wish to reference the company, please include it as a suffix in parenthesis.

Settings here: https://us02web.zoom.us/profile.

Before the workshop please

  • Check Zoom to see how it works and download any app necessary
  • Test your camera
  • Test your microphone
  • Unless you are good with multiple screens, print out any materials in advance
  • Put your mobile phone onto vibrate
  • Reroute your desk phone
  • Be ready to give a brief introduction

During the workshop please

  • Have your video on (unless distracted / distracting)
  • Keep your microphone muted when you’re not speaking
  • Minimise background noise
  • Raise your real hand if you want to speak, (or the electronic hand if you can find it)
  • Check your microphone is muted prior to speaking to someone outside the meeting

After the workshop please

  • Commit to actions that will deliver best value for you from the workshop
  • Provide us and the speaker with feedback
  • Follow through by taking action to improve your business

Urgent matters

Whilst we’d highlight that you can only get value from MD2MD by participating and that your peers get value from your presence, if you really need to leave the meeting to deal with urgent business, please check your mic is muted before doing so.

Please be aware this workshop will usually be recorded for member internal use only.

If you have any difficulties with access on the day please contact: Email meetings@MD2MD.co.uk or call +44 1865 600 800.