Peer group meetings - information page

All the information you need to get the best out of the meeting.

Joining the meeting

Please click on the link in the calendar invite to enter the waiting room for the Zoom meeting.

If you have any difficulties with access on the day please contact:
Email or call +44 1865 600 800.

Some quick pointers to maximise return on time

Check your Zoom profile

In order to prevent access to meetings by ‘unwanted guests’, we check the names of entrants before admission while they are in the waiting room. Please use your personal name on Zoom as that enables all participants to refer to you correctly. If you have space and wish to reference the company, please include it as a suffix in parenthesis.

Settings here:

Waiting room

While you are in the waiting room prior to the meeting, please open up the chat facility. Enter a value between +5 to -5 to answer the question: how optimistic am I about the prospects for my business over next 12-18 months?

+5 is very optimistic and -5 is not very optimistic. This is so we can track and share with you our ongoing economic optimism survey which provides the patterns of how members are feeling across all of our member groups.

If you have time in the waiting room or as you enter the meeting please type in but don’t press send (as later joiners won’t see it) a business challenge you are facing phrased as a one sentence question we can all address.

Meeting start

We usually open the room a minute or so in advance and will close it to guests once the meeting starts as it is too disruptive for guests to join after the introduction, so please ensure that you’re on time.

As you enter the meeting press send on the business challenge so it appears in chat.

If we have new members in the group we will provide everyone the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves so be ready to do a 30 second introduction to your business about how you create value for your clients.

As normal, we would also love to hear how things are for your business at the moment as: what worked well (WWW) and what could be even better if (EBI.)

Our team

Your meeting is usually led by a Meeting Facilitator and managed by a Meeting Manager.

Your Meeting Facilitator guides the progress of the meeting, endeavouring to ensure maximum value for you within the time available by steering a balance between depth and duration of discussion and breadth of input and topics.

Your Meeting Manager looks after the technology, the attendees individual needs and the content of the discussion.

Your Group Manager leads your relationship with MD2MD.

Meeting end – We will manage the peer challenge board to finish in the scheduled 80 minutes leaving 10 minutes for informal chat.

After the meeting

We expect the 80:20 rule to apply to the meeting.  You will, we hope and believe, get a lot of valuable insights from the meeting. But in 80 minutes you may not have all your own questions and concerns addressed. If following the meeting you still have an unaddressed concern please:

Discuss with other members 121 using whatever technology suits. If you need us to connect you we will always connect members.
Raise it with your Group Manager – we will always try to help any member with a challenge either directly or through signposting them to someone else who may be able to help.
Raise the topic in your group whatsapp.


As always feedback and comments welcome, otherwise the team look forward to seeing you online!