Guest trial meeting - information page

Getting the best from the meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you to your first Peer Challenge Board Meeting, which is only for interested potential members and where we will demonstrate our process – and we hope – deliver some immediate value. As you may not ultimately be in the same group as the other attendees, please feel free to exchange details with them, or we can connect you afterwards if you wish – just ask.

There is a lot to cover in this demonstration session,  and we keep numbers to a minimum. We will also close the meeting to guests once it starts, as there will not be time to go over critical information. If you are going to be late – and we completely understand that can happen – just email or call +44 1865 600 800 and we will be more than happy to rearrange for you.

We are confident that by attending you will be able to see how, if/when you join a regular group and get to know each other, MD2MD membership helps members to be the very best leader they can be and how that enables the success of their business through members making even better decisions and engaging people even more effectively in pursuit of an even smarter strategy.

At this demonstration meeting we aim to:

Demonstrate to you how our meetings work, explaining the process step by step.
Deliver some value and illustrate the potential of the process by discussing a real challenge from one of the attendees.

Which we hope will help you:

  • Develop a more coherent strategy
    Take smarter quicker action through faster, more informed decisions
    Engage more effectively through clearer more convincing communication

(Whilst the process and all the relationships are new, we hope this will be sufficient for you to see the potential value of structured constructive conversations between business leaders.)

Joining the meeting

Click on the link in your calendar invite to enter the Zoom meeting. Please ensure you are on time. We usually open the room about 5 minutes in advance and will close it to guests once the meeting starts as it is too disruptive for guests to join after the introduction as they would not know what’s happening and who’s who and there is no time to repeat that in a short meeting.

Details of the attendees will be sent to you in advance of the meeting.
We will manage the peer challenge board in the scheduled 90 minutes.

If you have any difficulties with access on the day please contact:
mail or call +44 1865 600 800.

Some quick pointers to maximise return on time

Check your Zoom profile

In order to prevent access to meetings by ‘unwanted guests’, we check the names of entrants before admission while they are in the waiting room. Please use your personal name as that enables all participants to refer to you correctly. If you have space and wish to reference the company, include it as a suffix in parent.

Settings here:

Waiting room

While you are in the waiting room prior to the meeting, please open up the chat facility. Enter a value between +5 to -5 to answer the question: how optimistic am I about the prospects for my business over next 12-18 months?

Where +5 is very optimistic and -5 is not very optimistic. This is so we can track and share with you the patterns of how members are feeling across all of our member groups.

If you have time in the waiting room or as you enter the meeting please type in but don’t press send (as later joiners won’t see it) a business challenge you are facing phrased as a one sentence question we can all address.

When the meeting starts

As you enter the meeting press send on the business challenge so it appears in chat.
Everyone will have the opportunity to introduce themselves so be ready to do a 30 second introduction to your business about how you create value for your clients.

We would also love to hear how things are for your business at the moment in terms of what’s been going well and what could be better. We use the terms: what worked well (WWW) and what could be even better if (EBI.)

As we will have a number of introductions, please stick to the time tightly.

Our team

Your meeting is led by a Meeting Facilitator and managed by a Meeting Manager.

The Meeting Facilitator guides the progress of the meeting, endeavouring to ensure maximum value for you within the time available by steering a balance between depth and duration of discussion and breadth of input and topics.

The Meeting Manager looks after the technology, the attendees individual needs and the content of the discussion.

After the meeting

You will, we hope and believe, get a lot of valuable insights from the meeting, but you may not have all of your questions and concerns addressed. If this is the case, please discuss it at the follow up call you have booked with one of our team. If you do decide to continue, they will make sure your Group Manager is aware and will always try to help any member with a challenge. This will be either during the member meeting, directly, or through signposting them to someone else who may be able to help.

Should you decide to continue on to Membership

For those of you who are interested in developing yourself as a leader, our Business Leader plan is the best option. To develop not only yourself but your team as well, and to allow you to step up and go further at a faster pace, then either our Leadership Team Online plan or our in-person Leadership Team Blended plan would suit your needs.

In the unlikely event that membership does not meet your expectations, we do not invoice in the first month.
There is no commitment to continue at any time, as we only want our members to be business leaders who truly value being part of the MD2MD community. All we ask is that if you decide at any time not to continue, you tell us your position clearly and give us the best feedback you can so we can improve.