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If only we had more time

Most business leaders are busy. Flat out! It’s inevitable. It goes with the job. If the business does ever run smoothly, the leader is busy driving the next opportunity.

The difference is that the smart business leader recognises that it is easy to spin your wheels. Its easy to rush around fighting fires rather than working out who is lighting them and why.

The smart business leader takes time to pause, think and talk to others. Learning from the success and mistakes of others saves time in the long run.

You will suit MD2MD membership if you...

Are ambitious for greater business success and recognise that to achieve that you need to develop your leadership skills to effectively lead the team to deliver more and better.

Have the humility to recognise that everyone – no matter how brilliant and experienced a leader – can raise their game further.

Are willing to challenge and be challenged with alternative views, constructive questions and different insights.

Want to learn from a diverse group of experienced business leaders.

Are an operational leader managing profit and loss, and making decisions on priorities and people.

Managing Director to Managing Director

You can join the MD2MD community if you are an operational leader. You are running an organisation employing tens or hundreds of staff costing your business a million pounds per annum, and regularly make decisions themselves worth tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds. Having grown beyond start-up, where your job was primarily to do, your primary role now is to lead. To engage and enthuse a team to drive towards a shared vision. You have to manage sales, marketing, operations and development to efficiently and effectively deliver the right balance between profit now and investment for the future growth.

You are ambitious to achieve more success for your business with less stress for yourself. Whilst competent and confident you have the humility to realise you can be even better and the desire to be so. Whilst revenues are important to your business, your goal from membership is to be an even better leader, not to generate leads from fellow members. Whilst knowledgeable, you realise you have as much to learn from them as you have ideas and insights to offer them.


MD2MD meetings

MD2MD membership includes four valuable meeting formats all geared to the different needs of the modern day operational leader. These include two regular monthly meetings, available online or in-person plus two larger format, annual events.

Leadership Challenge Board

Leaders like you discuss in private how best to deal with real business leadership challenges. A chance to develop your thinking on leadership as well as sound out how others would deal with a challenge you face.

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Speaker-led workshops

Weekly interactive workshops led by world-class practitioner speakers of a standard rarely available to business leaders in a small group.

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Speaker webinars

Speaker webinars are similar to workshops but have unlimited attendees and are not fully interactive. There is no requirement to have cameras on and interactivity is via the text chat box.

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Sponsored speaker briefings

The speaker for sponsored briefings is not funded by your subscription. The speaker is a volunteer or is being paid for by a sponsor with an interest in promoting their angle. Which they are briefed to do appropriately and in the context of adding value to demonstrate their worth!

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Trending topics discussion groups

Trending topic discussion groups are an ad hoc chance for members to meet, share and discuss best practice in an area of shared interest with other members with an interest in the same subject.

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Special interest groups

Special interest groups (SIG) bring together members who have a common interest based on sector, on role, on ownership model, according to a common challenge or indeed by any ongoing shared interest which members are keen to discuss with others like them, addressing or considering addressing the same situation.

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An opportunity for you to hear first hand the leadership thoughts of some very experienced and interesting business leaders whilst discussing business with a hundred or so business leaders like you.

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Retreat to advance

A chance for you to take time out at an inspirational venue. Consider where you and your business might be in 5, 10 or even 100 years. Where are you heading, why you are heading there and how will you get there?

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You the operational leader

Leader – Your primary role is to engage and enthuse a team in driving towards a shared vision. You probably have a team of tens or hundreds.

Operational – Your challenge is managing sales, marketing, operations and development to efficiently and effectively deliver the right balance between profit now and investment for future growth.

Ambitious – You are ambitious to achieve more success for your business with less stress for yourself.

Learning – Whilst competent and confident you have the humility to realise you can be an even better leader and have the desire to develop further.

Commitment – You are committed to investing in continuous improvement for you, your team and your business.

Trial membership

If you feel MD2MD sounds a great fit for you and could help you move your business to the next stage, then get back in touch with us via the introductory email we sent to you and we can arrange for one of our Ambassadors to talk you through MD2MD membership in more detail and help arrange a free trial meeting with our compliments.

Our trial includes a guest place on a peer group meeting designed to demonstrate the power of sharing with and learning from other business leaders just like you. As a member of MD2MD participating in our events you will experience many insights resulting in better strategies, better decisions, and greater performance in pursuit of your ambitious vision.

Free membership trial

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Adrian Leer

Managing Director - Triad

"MD2MD provides an invaluable opportunity for me to learn from my peers, for me to road-test my thinking in a safe environment, and for me to keep developing my leadership skills. "
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