MD2MD is so named because our purpose is to facilitate Managing Directors to learn with and from their peers, other fellow Managing Directors.

We use the term Managing Director as that is commonly the title used for the operational leader of the business. The job title does not however define precisely who qualifies to be a member as the title Managing Director is sometimes used for people who are not the operational leader of the business, and sometimes other titles such as Chief Executive or General Manager are used for the operational business leader.

MD2MD Managing Directors

You are like our members if you …

  • Are ambitious for greater success in business and realise you need to lead your team to achieve that success  – you can’t do it by yourself
  • Have the humility to recognise that everyone, no matter how experienced, can become an even better leader
  • Are willing to be challenged, in a constructive way, by others who have different views to you and are willing to challenge and inform, constructively, to help others gain new insights
  • Want to learn from the innocent questions of those without the colouring of years as well as from experienced hands
  • Are managing a profit and loss account and making decisions on priorities and people
    (whether you have the title Chairman, Chief Executive, Managing Director, Senior Partner or anything else)
  • Are based within an hour or so of one of our groups
    (although one member lives 3 hours away and combines meetings with client and staff meetings)

And your organisation is …

  • Sufficiently established as to require you to lead more than do – which probably means that more than ten people are actively involved in the business and you probably have revenues of £500k to £50M
  • Growing, or has been and you want it to resume
  • From private, public* or third* sector (charities)

If that describes you, why not explore whether you’d fit in with the group by attending a meeting as our guest without cost or commitment.

Be our guest

* We match fund one place in each group for a person from the third sector and one place in each group for a person from the public sector providing their salary is less than £70,000 per annum.

Bursary membership – For third and public sectors

You are unlikely to be suitable as a member or guest if you

  • do not wish to develop your own skills and knowledge
  • know all the answers and just want to share your expertise
  • want to sell your skills, products and services to other members
  • are not open to your approach and views being challenged