23 reasons to join MD2MD

As we enter 2023, our founder & Executive Chairman Bob Bradley has come up with 23 reasons you should become a member of MD2MD today!

1. RAISE YOUR GAME Addressing issues, making decisions and developing action plans with other real practical leaders raises your game by making you a more effective leader

2. IDEAS AND OPPORTUNITIES Listening to excellent speakers and talking with peers from other sectors creates ideas and opportunities

3. GOLDEN NUGGETS Members nearly always leave a meeting with at least one golden nugget – an idea, thought or piece of advice that will add significant value to their business

4. ROBUST IMPLEMENTATION Even if a discussion with your peers about a challenging situation doesn’t change your view about the action you will take, the very fact you have been through that review means that you are more confident that you are taking the right action. That in itself leads to a stronger, more effective implementation

5. CHALLENGING BUT SUPPORTIVE PEERS Challenge from peers causes you to think differently, see new perspectives and be prepared for the range of reactions you may encounter in your business life

6. INSPIRATION AND ENERGY Inspiring speakers and encouraging colleagues give you the energy to drive your business forward

7. BETTER DECISIONS Talking your most challenging situations through with peers ensures you understand how any situation can and will be seen by people of different backgrounds and personalities – enabling you to make better, more informed decisions.

8. FEWER CRISES The discipline of regular meetings encourages you to break the vicious circle, take time out from fighting today’s fires and focus on preventing tomorrow’s from being lit

9. FOCUS Stepping back and reviewing strategy, plans and challenges with peers highlights distractions and encourages focus on the best options

10. PRACTICAL REAL WORLD ADVICE Sharing your issues and concerns with other experienced heads of business gets you practical advice based on real world experience

11. ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT Members gain great reward from supporting each other in dealing with challenges and encouraging each other to take opportunities

12. KAIZEN LEARNING Regular bites of learning and stimulus from peers cause continuous improvement and over time leads to total quality leadership

13. GOAL ORIENTATION Regular review of your goals and ambitions means you are more aware of where you are going and why – meaning you are more likely to achieve your goals

14. CLARITY & PERSPECTIVE Being challenged in a safe environment clarifies thought and puts challenges into perspective

15. ENTHUSIASM MOTIVATES You enjoy the meetings and leave reinvigorated with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.  This transfers to the workplace and motivates the team around you

16. EXCELLENT VALUE Membership is less expensive than a Non Executive Director and more effective than traditional blocks of training

17. LIFETIME RETURN Developing your business understanding and leadership improves your own value and your ability to create value forever

18. LEVERAGED PERFORMANCE Investing in you being a stronger, more informed, more skilled and more confident leader is investing in the person who has most ability to influence the performance of the organisation

19. BREADTH & BALANCE Mixing with leaders from other sectors and functions with different personalities, backgrounds and experiences, provides a great range of content and means you make better, more balanced and considered decisions

20. SPACE TO THINK Catching up with your peers outside the business each month causes you to step back, review progress and recognise where things are off track earlier than would happen with your head down dealing with the day to day challenges

21. CULTURE CHANGE Developing the leader develops the whole organisation.  More confident, more capable and more inspiring leadership creates a more confident, positive culture which enhances performance

22. STRONGER MANAGEMENT Better leaders build better teams and attract better people delivering better results

23. CAPITAL VALUE By being clearer about your goals, creating more focused businesses based on more valuable business models and building more capable management teams, MD2MD members develop higher value businesses

Trial membership

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If you think MD2MD sounds like a good fit for you then we want to help show you the value of being a member.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to trial the product before you make a final decision. As long as you meet the criteria, we would like to extend the opportunity of attending a guest trial meeting with our compliments.

The guest trial meeting is delivered on-line over 90 minutes and replicates the same format as the leadership peer groups we run for our members. It’s an opportunity for you to experience at first hand the power of peer group discussions.

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