Russell Amerasekera

Russell Amerasekera is an entrepreneur and specialist coach in personal brand, image, presentation skills and leadership communications.

He focuses on helping high-performing people to build:

  • A powerful personal brand
  • Impact and presence
  • An authentic presentation and communications style
  • The ability to connect with audiences and create intimacy
  • Vocal control, positive body language and non-verbal signalling
  • Tell stories
  • Behave and act like an inspirational leader
  • A personal style and image consistent with your brand

Russell’s clients include board directors and senior executives from major blue chip companies, entrepreneurs, celebrities and private individuals.

He regularly works with businesses including HSBC Bank, Fremantle Media, TUI, Thomson Reuters, DMGT Media, Mothercare, British Gas, Openreach, Grant Thornton, Rio Tinto and Ann Summers.

Russell’s approach to coaching is highly intuitive, fast paced and practical and is based on extensive experience and a background spent in and around the corporate boardroom and media industry.

Russell is also an accomplished and experienced TV presenter.

Before going into the media world, Russell enjoyed a 17-year career in Brand Marketing, Internal Communications, Brand and Financial PR.

His last corporate business role was as Communications Director for Thomson Travel Group plc (now TUI Travel plc) where he was a member of the leadership team who floated the company on the London Stock Exchange for £1.78 billion in 1998.