Lars Tewes

Lars’ career started out in 1987 when he travelled to America each summer during his degree, learning the basics of sales and paying his way through university.

Since then he has been described as an “Intrepreneur” as he has been instrumental in setting up three UK businesses on behalf of The Southwestern Company. The first was the UK and European division of a publishing business, the second was SBR Europe a professional search firm and in 2002 he established SBR Consulting of which he is currently MD. They are regarded as a leading Sales and Sales Leadership consultancy practice specialising in developing High Performance Sales and Sales Leadership Habits cross industry.

In this workshop Lars explores how sales leaders build a successful sales engine blending culture, process, self management and team motivation. He considers the styles of leadership and how they drive performance and how that relates to developing the skills of every sales person at every stage of a coherent sales pipeline.

When and Where?

  • Starts Wednesday 28th June with speaker session on Thursday 29th June 2017 – South East Midlands Hub – Kettering, Northamptonshire
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