Helen Hall, MD2MD member says

Helen Hall


“Joining MD2MD was one of my best business decisions ever. I can categorically say that I have won one contract as a direct result of a single MD2MD meeting. That contract alone generated in excess of £165,000 profit for my business.”
Such benefits are clearly important. Speakers prompt members to take action. Members challenge each others’ thinking. And the value is directly and immediately visible.

As someone who’s grown from being the sole sales person to Managing Director and now as Executive Chairman investing in other ventures, long standing member Helen is perfectly placed to verify that there are definitely identifiable, tangible and measurable benefits and also that there are many less trackable, but still significant benefits. Indeed generally the most valuable benefits are least trackable and vice versa as illustrated by the diagram at the bottom of the page.

The immediate benefits are generally the by-products of, not the point of, membership.

The most significant returns from membership are:

  • Better decisions implemented more effectively
  • Increased confidence, competence and motivation
  • More energy and enthusiasm to overcome the challenges of running a business

That link to that is difficult to prove:

  • If through being a member you understand the world better and so six months down the line you make a better decision, how do you track that better decision back to the MD2MD meeting activity?
  • If through being a member you engage more effectively with your staff and as a result they work harder or smarter and deliver more effectively, how do you track that performance improvement back to the MD2MD meeting activity?

Click here for some of the business school research that shows that better leadership and management leads to better business performance.

Practically our members have dozens or hundreds of staff and make decisions worth £?0,000, £?00,000 and sometimes £?,000,000. Getting one such decision right, making it sooner or implementing it better justifies membership for years.

It is the linkage to show that your better leadership – your better or quicker decision or your team’s improved performance – was a consequence of MD2MD membership that can’t be proven.  Like many business leadership decisions that linkage and the conclusion that the return is worth the investment is one that an experienced business person simply has to judge.

Existing members clearly judge there is a return on their investment.  Click here for some more of their views or download a brief document here.

Judge for yourself by applying for a guest place at a MD2MD meeting now

Tangible & Intangible Benefits of Membership