The MD2MD ‘Retreat to Advance’

Kaizen – Continuous improvement – Applied to leadership

Most MD2MD meetings are designed to provoke members to think differently and to take action within days to make use of those insights. After all if action isn’t taken quickly, not only is progress slower, but the chances of action being taken weeks or months later is limited. This approach has a lot in common with the Kaizen, continuous improvement philosophy that has revolutionised manufacturing and distribution operations over the last few decades.

It may be that each individual monthly improvement to the business or your leadership style is small, but they add up. Applying the continuous improvement approach over many months or years results in significantly stronger, more capable and more confident leadership.

Eat the elephant one bite at a time

The MD2MD ‘retreat to advance’ takes a complementary approach. Whilst continuous improvement is important, it is also critical to be heading in the right direction. The ‘Retreat to advance’ is a two day event where we step back from the day to day and review our plans with our colleagues to ensure that, as well as continually improving, we are also heading in the strategic direction that is most likely to help us achieve our longer term ambitions.