Why do businesses get stuck and stop growing?

Scale up structureConsider how much you need to communicate to run a business. When your business started with one person there was no need for any communication – you knew what you were doing! When there were two of you there was one communication channel. And with three there were three communication channels.

Things start to become interesting as your business grows. With four people you have six communication channels. With five staff, ten channels. Guess how many you have with ten staff? … Answer 45. And with twenty staff you have 190 two way channels. So by the time your business reaches twenty staff, if you have no structure and everyone spends just ten minutes a week communicating with each colleague, they have NO time left to do any work!

To scale up your business effectively requires structures, systems, processes and most importantly a team pulling together towards a coherent and consistent vision. Achieving that without creating a bureaucratic dysfunctional tangle is not easy. It requires great management and great leadership from you. Which is a challenge because most business leaders have limited training in leadership and management. And whilst leadership and management can’t entirely be learnt, if you really want to thrive it’s worth trying not to learn the hard way every time.

How do you raise your game as a leader? One way to go to a business school. Another is to use a business coach. Our way is to encourage Managing Directors like you to discuss their challenges, and indeed their opportunities, in private Managing Director to Managing Director (MD2MD) … and share experiences – wherever they’ve got it from … including, or especially, from the University of Life.

If you’re interested in being the best leader you can possibly be, why not join MD2MD? Joining is easy and without risk. We welcome as guests the right people attending for the right reason. People who lead a business with tens or hundreds of staff attending to learn how to raise their game as a leader, not to pitch! If that’s you why not get in touch now?

There is no commitment involved. Whilst clearly we hope and believe you will like the MD2MD experience and people so much you’ll want to join the group, your only commitment is to turn up and support and challenge your peers in exchange for them doing the same for you. If, after the meeting you want to continue onto membership, then we can arrange that. If not, then we’re pretty sure you’ll have had a valuable experience and hopefully even if you don’t join you’ll be good enough to reciprocate by mentioning us to others.