Building an Accountability – Driven Culture

For most people, “accountability” is a terrifying word. It conjures up images of micromanagers controlling their employees’ every move. It may even trigger memories of doing punishment laps, push-ups or other hated chores because we failed to live up to an ambiguous standard. Yet sustainable success comes from being accountable to specific, measureable actions. For Anneli, “accountability” means creating clarity for yourself and your employees around goals (yours and theirs), the path to achieve those goals (yours and theirs) and the consequences triggered by failing to stick to the path.
In this workshop Anneli shares how we can create an accountability-driven work culture for our teams and ourselves … by investing just 20 minutes a week in classic principles. The aim of this session is to give you all the tools you need to implement a sustainable accountability programme for yourself and your team … even when time is tight.

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