The Challenge of a Changing World

This session will highlight some of the most important drivers of change impacting our organisations in the next few years. These will include the impact of emerging technologies, new business models, changing consumer behaviour and expectations and employee engagement and productivity. David will describe these drivers, their likely impact and how we might prepare ourselves in advance.

Afterwards David will focus on our likely response to these changes both organisationally and personally and describe strategies that will help us to be better prepared to face change and to reduce the risk of being blindsided by someone else’s change.

Participants will leave with a clearer perspective of the changing nature of organisations and business and with straightforward and effective strategies to get ahead of the competition, if that matters to you.

When and Where?

  • Monday 29th June 2015 – A40 A34 Group – Milton Park
  • Tuesday 30th June 2015 – M4E Group – Bourne End
  • Wednesday 1st July 2015 – M1 M40 Group – High Wycombe
  • Wednesday and Thursday 25th and 26th November 2015 – M1E Group – Northampton
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David made me think about the future and challenged me. He used understandable logical examples of how technology will develop.

He highlighted how the impact of technology changes are going to affect businesses and staff.

He presented in a lively fashion, fast flowing and thought provoking, fun also.

He made everyone realise that focusing on the overall business rather than doing the business is important.

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