Relationomics – better business results through better relationships


At its heart, Relationomics has three vital components:

  • Understanding self and personal impact
  • Understanding others (by the same ‘measurements’)
  • Adapting behaviour to connect, communicate and influence


  • Who do I like – and why?
  • Emotional intelligence and taking responsibility
  • Psychology from Hippocrates to Jung
  • Introduction to a simple behavioural model
  • Identify own personality type
  • My perception; my reality
  • Recognising type in others
  • Read your own profile (one of up to 16 types)
  • Adapting and connecting through communication preferences
  • Leading with the colour styles
  • Stress and its various antidotes
  • The golden rule, action planning and behavioural commitments


Relationomics combines psychometric profiling with practical business influencing to help participants’:

  • Create rapport more quickly
  • Develop relationships more easily
  • Demonstrate respect (as defined by the other person)
  • Create better results from interactions (internal and external)

Relationomics will help participants understand that soft, people skills – have a demonstrable effect on the bottom line. Participants leave with an overview personality profile for themselves and other key people in their business (and life).  They will consider ways to personally adapt and connect with others more effectively resulting in a nine point personal behavioural action plan.

Takeaway Material:

  • Four colour profiling cards
  • 23 page booklet containing all 8 main character profiles
  • Good day/bad day behaviour sheet
  • Colourful communication tips sheet
  • 9 point personal behavioural action plan
  • An electronic copy of the salient power point slides.

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