Grow Your Brain, Grow Your Business

Speed Reading

Managing Directors need to be able to read effectively and quickly. Yet, almost all of them read slowly with poor comprehension, bad retention and low concentration. David will take you through a simple process using techniques that will immediately improve your reading speed.

n.b. – the average improvement is 40%

Memory Improvement

A strong and effective memory is an essential tool in the armoury of every MD. Being able to speak without notes, recall names and memorise client details are just three small but powerful examples of how memory training can help you move towards achieving optimum performance.

David will show you how to tap into your latent and infinite memory ability. You will perform interactive exercises that prove that the techniques work even before you leave the room.

n.b. – the average improvement is 80%

Benefits of the session

  1. Save time in your daily routine.
  2. Increased impact as a leader.
  3. Breaking self-limiting beliefs as you gain insight into skills you never knew you had.

When and Where?

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Comments from the Members on the workshop:

  • David covered practical techniques and put these into practice during the session.
  • I liked the speed reading and Roman Room.
  • He simplified the reasons that speed reading and mind trapping can help me.
  • Challenged me on the initial response of “I can’t” as proved you can with practice.
  • Introduced techniques that would improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Made it fun, it also challenged me.
  • I enjoyed the interactive exercises.

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