Employee Engagement Workshop

By the end of this session it’s envisaged that you will:

  • Have developed an increased understanding of the importance of employee engagement and how it drives performance
  • Know how to go about measuring employee engagement in your organisation
  • Have clarity in how to go about developing employee engagement improvement strategies
  • Have reflected on your own leadership behaviour and how that affects engagement

When and Where?

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David was able to give lots of real life and practical examples with some excellent metaphors – samurai and garden.

He had a well prepared slides, varied discussion which allowed good interaction.

He allowed a refresh of GPTW – actions.

David gave reinforcement and reminder re: good practice to ensure employees are engaged.

He provided practical tools for staff surveys.

It was refreshing to not have a professional speaker, a real person with credibility and proven and ongoing track record.

David showed real life stories not just theory – real world experience.

He was able to reinforce what engagement can do on a larger scale.  Felt that we’re doing much of this (but not Davids fault!).

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