MD2MD: diversity and similarity

One of our key objectives within our membership is to offer diversity – diversity of sector, diversity of age, geographical diversity, cultural diversity AND diversity of gender, this we believe translates positively into diversity of perspectives and “outside the box” thinking.

MD2MD membership provides insights and advice from a diverse group of peers. We mix different sectors, ownership structures and geographies including many from outside the UK.  We include members who are personally early in their careers and in the middle of their careers with those looking to exit or retire.  And we blend pre revenue businesses and those just past start-up with those in steady profitable growth and those being passed on to new owners in the family or outside.

MD2MD members are though people like you. Operational business leaders. They understand the challenges you face as the leader who ultimately has to make the difficult decisions and drive the success of the business.

Diversity at MD2MD

Driving change

While women are currently represented within our membership they are still outnumbered by their male counterparts – we are striving to redress this balance. We have already implemented this by having the very talented Dr Sharon King Gabrielides host a fantastic couple of workshops for International Women’s Day, but as all good leaders know, there is always more that we can be doing!

Within business it is recognised that gender diversity is vital for better decision making; it encourages creativity and enables stronger challenge and debate. Women can provide a different skill set, imaginative perspectives, effective communication and enhance teamwork – all of which drive effective solutions. Interestingly, it is reported that companies boasting a higher representation of women in leadership roles notably outperform the organisations that don’t.

To summarise, at MD2MD we welcome operational business leaders like you, and especially accidental business leaders looking to become even better leaders so their businesses are even more successful. The economy improves and society benefits by developing your competence, confidence and motivation. You must be willing to challenge and be challenged with alternative views, constructive questions and different insights. We are looking for members who have the humility to recognise that everyone, no matter how brilliant a leader, can raise their game further and who want to learn from a diverse group of experienced, real business leaders. Whilst we are open to all genders, we would particularly encourage women in key management roles to contact us.

So in addition to trying to ensure we break down unconscious barriers to membership when we see them, we have a bursary available for the people who add diversity to our membership.

All that brings us together

We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think?