Business Conference Oxford 2016

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Who Is LeaderFest For?


It’s For Business Leaders

“I feel energised and can’t wait for tomorrow at work”

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To Meet Peers And Gain Ideas

“Excellent event. My high expectations were exceeded!”

LF 2016 Interviewees


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“Very enjoyable and beneficial – a great line-up of business leaders”

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“Interesting and thought provoking – Really inspiring – A good investment of my time”

This Years Event

Since it’s launch in 2010,  LeaderFest has grown to become one of ​Thames Valley’s​ premier annual events for business leaders, offering a unique opportunity for business leaders to learn with, and from, their fellow business leaders.

This year returning to Oxfordshire and the beautiful setting of the Bicester Golf and Country Club, this is a great opportunity for Managing Directors and other business leaders from across the UK and especially from the Thames Valley, Home Counties and South Midlands to consider their leadership style whilst networking with, and learning from, fellow leaders.

During LeaderFest experienced and / or interesting leaders are interviewed on stage and asked to share the tips, tools and techniques that helped them to succeed as leaders and also to share what they learnt from their mistakes, or at least how they overcame the inevitable challenges they encountered along the way.

Interviews are interspersed with opportunities for senior business leaders to network with their peers at an event dedicated to learning, sharing and building relationships.  Whilst revenues matter to all business leaders, and one benefit of LeaderFest is a wider relationship, the culture of LeaderFest is one of mutual respect and trust which discourages the inappropriate sales pitches that detract from many networking events.

LeaderFest is, like MD2MD, about leaders learning with and from other leaders and​​ as such​ is strictly targeted at people leading an organisation of at least 10 people.


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