Business in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire has a broad business base with different sectors strong in different parts of the county. (See the business geography of Oxfordshire at bottom right)

The county has very few large private sector employers and relatively few medium sized firms.

The workforce in Oxfordshire is more highly educated than average.

A significant number commute to London.

Most of the remainder are employed locally in:

  • Public Sector. In local authorities or the world-leading science facilities in the south of the county
  • Education. In the state sector as well as at one of the two large and successful universities in Oxford
  • Small to medium enterprises. The highly educated workforce to capitalise upon the county’s global strengths in education, science, tourism and automotive (including motor sport)

The dominance of Oxford City is, like most cities, much greater than its geographical scale.

Oxfordshire is an administrative county with a two tier local government comprising four districts and one city council. Each part of the county has its own very distinct identity with business clusters built around quite different economic and social demographics.

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